1 IFL - Informal Feminist Library

2 the two shelves constituting IFL

3 example of a good read available at IFL (and here)

06. Formal - Informal

In 2020, I created the IFL - Informal Feminist Library, making my collection of 50+ books written by women and feminist activists available to anyone to borrow for free.

Located in my atelier space in Eindhoven, the library has nothing professional. Yet, it works. People borrow books, they come for a cup of coffee, they have a chat. Such spaces challenge the idea that everything needs to be professional to work. On the contrary, spaces are sometimes more inclusive and welcoming when they are not bound to either institutions nor funding organisations.

This project, which was never meant to be more than me offering to make my personal library public by sharing it, made me aware of the importance of such initiatives, and the demand from the people for it.

Here is to the facebook page of the library :