1 Boxing Trophies

2 Boxing Trophies

3 pouring liquid clay in the large cylinder mold

4 failure

5 screenshot of the filmed performance of the clay boxing

6 there’s nothing better than a proud coach

06. Boxing Trophies

The project Boxing Trophies (2017, Design Academy Eindhoven) about memory has led me to reenact what one of my boxing lessons felt like physically and to misuse the same movements in my design process.

Within this research about memory and movement, I developed a set of ceramic trophies that are shaped by the boxing movement.

Deformed by my own boxing hits, the trophies are the result of the confrontation between two worlds in which the same body movements have different meanings and applications.

Through the deformation of the ceramic via the boxing movement, I question the place that control occupies in the creative process, and how a defeat, the crumbling of the ceramic under the hits, can become a victory underlined by the beauty of the created shapes.

To reinforce this point, the piece becomes the looser’s trophy, proclaiming the beauty of the defeat.