1 ifl informal feminist library

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3 books from ifl’s collection

4 Onomatopee x ifl’s online event Fragmented Symposium - No Is Not Enough

5comic A Message From IFL, published in the Meeting Grounds publication by Onomatopee

6 Meeting Grounds publication

06. informal feminist library

informal feminist library is an alternative and independent library based at Jonasstraße 44, 12053 Berlin.

Constituted of more than 120 books, it is a collection of publications (novels, essays, short stories, comics and zines) about feminism and queer theory. The books are available to be borrowed for free.

It is all at once a private collection gone public, a free access to feminist readings, an experimental space to have conversations in and a big question mark on what is professional and what is informal. 

ifl’s adage is best expressed by the adjectives that describe what the library aims to be :

informal: She is an organic library, open whenever Her librarian is present at the location.

communal: She keeps growing thanks to the book donations of Her visitors, who can borrow the books as long as they want for free.

inclusive: She is an open space for anyone to come in and read, discuss or have a cup of coffee.

critical: She is the host to a number of events involving online reading and debating sessions, talks and workshops.

revolutionary: She aims at being an active Streitraum, a place to be radicals, a place to debate and imagine a feminist future in collectiveness.

inspiring: She proves that everyone can be a librarian and that the act of sharing knowledge starts where we want it to.

This project was supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven