1 Weaving with Clay pieces

2 Close-up of clay weaving

3 Broken piece

4 Woven bowl

Inspirations from the Japanese Folk Craft Museum

03. Weaving with Clay

What started as an experimentation into applying weaving principles to ceramics quickly became a broader research about clay connections and clay’s drying behaviour.

With this series of ceramics objects, I am investigating a way of connecting clay by pressing it into itself. Making use of clay’s properties, which allow it to be soft and malleable when wet and (relatively) strong and stable when dry, I am weaving it into aerial experiments.

These experiments often change when drying. The connection points make the clay weaker, and it sometimes detaches when drying. The tension present in the connected clay might break free when drying, because clay shrinks during this process.

The gaps that are left testify of the clay’s tension that broke free while I wasn’t looking. It shows the poetry of a connection that was once there but of which only the trace is now visible.

2022 Exhibited at Objets de Kunst, gallery tête, Berlin, Germany